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Manas Skin and Laser Clinic is located at Ring road, Naranpura, one of the central locations in Ahmedabad. Our designated treatment areas, separate consultation room and a spacious waiting room complete the modern look. We have all latest approved lasers, aesthetic treatments and energy devices to help you achieve that perfect glow in your skin and the perfect bounce in your hair!.

For the best results and also for the safety of all our patients, all medical procedures are performed personally by our doctors at Manas Skin and Laser Clinic. There is a trained staff of technicians to assist our doctors but all lasers and even procedures like chemical peels are performed only by the doctors. Dr. Mitul Patel is of the strong opinion that an expert hand is as important as the latest medical equipment in performing a treatment. For the same reason we own all our equipment and do not share it with other practitioners as transportation of these expensive lasers can cause potential damage and hence changes in the results. With today’s devices designed and calibrated especially according to our Indian skin type complications are rare but possible. An experienced doctor can identify these potential complications early and take immediate corrective actions. Also, with a trained and skilled physician the best results are achieved when the appropriate treatment and its parameters are individualized for each client and during each session.

‘Initial walk –through at Manas’ (client experience)/initial consultation process

Looking beautiful is not luck, it’s a decision. As soon as you enter Manas Skin and Laser Clinic, you will be greeted by our reception staff and requested to provide basic registration details. At your first consultation, our doctor will conduct a basic skin evaluation and address your concerns. Then an appropriate skin care or treatment plan is recommended, which may include a combination of prescription-based medications, lasers, radio frequency, skin enhancing treatments or peels, sometimes along with cosmeceutical products for the best results. We take time to educate and explain all procedures to help you make informed and considered decisions.