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Hair care tips
  1. Use broad-toothed comb for combing hair gently. Donot share your comb with others
  2. Always tie your hair (braids/ buns) loosely. Donot tie hair very tightly or pull them while styling.
  3. Donot comb or tie wet hair.
  4. Avoid keeping hair dryer too close to the hair. Maintain a little distance and keep the settings low..
  5. For oil massage in the scalp you may use lukewarm oil but avoid hot oil..
  6. Avoid vigorous rubbing of hair during oil massage. Light pressure from finger-tips during scalp massage will improve blood circulation and avoid damaging the hair.
  7. Avoid daily shampoo unless hair gets too dirty.
  8. Use mild, alkaline-free or organic shampoos.
  9. Massage the shampoo on the scalp skin lightly to loosen the dead scales and dirt from the scalp.
  10. Mental stress can cause increase in hair fall. Meditation can help in reduce the stress and hence improve hair loss.
  11. Healthy and nutritious diet is very important for healthy and lustrous hair. Certain vitamin and iron deficiencies is one of the reasons for premature greying and hair fall.
  12. Diets that include green leafy vegetables, almonds, walnuts can improve hair loss.
  13. Avoid excess sugar and salt intake in diet. Avoid smoking and alcohol use which can aggravate hair fall problems.
  14. Avoid prolonged sun exposure directly to the hair. UV light can damage hair..
  15. Avoid harsh styling treatments like perming, straightening, permanent coloring etc..
  16. Always wash hair after exposure to chlorinated or chemically treated water especially in swimming pools.

Common reasons of hair loss:-

  1. Scalp dandruff
  2. Scalp infections
  3. Side-effects of certain medications.
  4. Deficiency of iron and vitamins
  5. In medical conditions like thyroid
  6. After prolonged illnesses like typhoid, T.B., or after major surgeries
  7.  After pregnancy
  8. As a result of sleep deprivation, mental stress.