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Dandruff is a commonly occurring problem of the scalp skin which is seen as white dry or greasy flakes on the scalp. They might be attached to the scalp skin or keep shedding off.

It’s a myth that dandruff is caused by dryness of the scalp skin, greasiness of the hair, use of cosmetic and styling products, genetic factors or poor hygiene.

Dandruff is a medical condition and generally is caused by a fungus named pityrosporum ovale.

Under your dermatologist’s advice dandruff can be treated well with medicated anti-dandruff lotions, shampoos and conditioners.


  1. Scalp dandruff
  2. Scalp infections
  3. Side-effects of certain medications
  4. Deficiency of iron and vitamins
  5. In medical conditions like thyroid
  6. After prolonged illnesses like typhoid, T.B., or after major surgeries
  7. After pregnancy 
  8. As a result of sleep deprivation, mental stress.